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We Manufacture these Pedal Tour Bikes Here In Texas
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Pedal Tour Texas is an active pedal pub business in Fredericksburg, Texas and by way of chance, now also a manufacturer of custom party bikes. As a party bike manufacturer, we help you start a party bike business. We can also assist with your website, logo and marketing as part of the package. Our party bikes for sale are being made in Texas! What do we manufacture? Party bikes are also commonly known as a pedibus, trolley pub, beer pedal, pub bike, pub cycle, pub crawler, cycle tavern, pedal tavern, beer bike, or bier bike.

We build your custom party bike with quality and cost effectiveness in mind. We typically have used party bikes available as well, at a discount. From conception to delivery, we work with you to build the pedal pub of your dreams. As way of a little background, we got into manufacturing these bikes quite frankly by mistake. We initially had a bike manufactured overseas (Chinese Pedal Bike Manufacturer) and as we used it, we found it just wasn’t up to par (this is a nice way to put it). The motor fried, seats fell off, it came in parts, steering column was on backwards (steer left, go right; steer right, go left), the pedals would fall off in the street, it was impossible to pedal, the axles snapped, and the steering column/wheel came off. We ended up losing out in $50,000 in tours and rebuilding the bike for more than it cost to purchase. Thank you China!

Let us save you some heartache, headaches and tens of thousands of lost dollars. Beware of other manufacturers, especially manufacturers in China. Specifically, do NOT buy a bike from Bestar Cycle (Sold on Alibaba). These bikes are a scam. We unfortunately have first hand experience. It was a nightmare. This was last year, and and as a result, we totally rebuilt that bike.