Pedal Tour Texas

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How many people can ride and pedal?
Our pedal bike has a total of 14 seats and can comfortably fit a total of 14 passengers (if everyone falls comfortably within weight requirement).

Do you provide a driver?
Yes. Pedal Pub Texas provides a professional designated driver that will double as your tour guide.

Do you provide drinks or food?
No. However you are encouraged to bring snacks and water. You will be burning a ton of calories!

Can I drink alcohol on the bike?
Yes. Pedal Tour Texas allows riders to responsibly bring and consume beer or wine (liquor is not permitted). Glass containers are strictly prohibited.

Do you have to be 21 to ride the bike?
It depends. All riders that participate on the pub crawl or winery tours must be 21 years old and are required to show a proof of ID. All other tours are 12+.

Do I need a reservation?
Yes. All tours are reservation only. If you have trouble looking online, please give us a call at: (512) 953-9428

Where exactly do we meet?
 The tour meets at 102 E. Ufer Street, Fredericksburg, TX 78624 (Across the street from HEB).

Who can’t ride the Pedal Tour?
For safety reasons there is a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds for each person on the bike seats. This is done for safety reasons. However, we do have 2 back seats on each bike which allow for smaller (kids, etc.) or larger sizes. The back seat is perfect for those who don’t exist within the height and weight limitations! Parties with pedalers wanting to join under the 21 year of age limit will need to contact us directly for special permission.

Can the bike go up hills?
Yes, but the good news for you is that Downtown Fredericksburg is relatively flat. If there are any issues our bikes are also equipped with electric assist.

What's the least amount of people required to power the bike?
You can sign up as an individual and we will pair you with a group! If you are reserving the entire bike, ideally it is good to have a total of 4-8 people. However, we can run a tour with a minimum of 2 people.

What is the weather policy?
The Pedal Tours run rain or shine. While there is an overhang, in the event of inclement weather we suggest bringing a raincoat or poncho. If the weather is just too harsh or dangerous we will credit your purchase towards a future tour (good for up to two years from issue).

How long is the tour?
All tours are approximately two hours long.

What if I get tired of pedaling?
No problem, no problem! Our bikes are equipped with electric assist if you get tired!

Should I tip our tour guide?
Yes! 🙂 Honestly, please take care of your driver. These men and women put their hearts into this and rely largely upon your generosity for their living. Be kind!