Pedal Tour Texas

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  • Tour meets at: 102 E Ufer St, Fredericksburg, TX. 
  • (512) 953-9428
  • Starting at:  $249

Fredericksburg Pedal Pub & Wine Wagon Tasting Tour (PRIVATE TOUR)

Book the entire Party Bike! With this Private Tour option, you can come with a group of friends (Pedal Bike’s Capacity is 14) while enjoying the best Wine Tasting Rooms, Bars and Restaurants that Fredericksburg, Texas has to offer.

With this Private Tour option the bike is yours! We can work with you to customize this tour for your group! Call us in advance. Get ready to have an enjoyable and affordable wine tour experience while getting off of Main Street on our environmentally friendly Pedal Bike and enjoying Fredericksburg Texas like never before!

We have electric assist if you grow tired and we will show you where the best places are for nightlife, dinner, and some of the boutique shops on historic main street.

** There are ABSOLUTELY no refunds.

** If guest are under the age of 21, please contact us to schedule a private charter.

** All locations are subject to change without notice. All beverages, pairings and venue specific merchandise are purchased at the expense of the guest.

** For safety reasons there is a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds for each person on the bike seats. This is done for safety reasons. However, we do have 2 back seats on each bike that is perfect for those who don’t exist within the weight limitations!

*** If you purchase the Private Tour Option and rent the entire bike, we can take groups as small as 4 pedalers.